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By Bob Gourley Editor’s note: This list first appeared on our site Analyst One. -bg In March 2011 Businessweek quoted Cloudera’s Mike Olson describing a “Cambrian explosion” of corporate analytical technology. Mike really nailed it with that one. With the continuous development of advanced infrastructure based around Apache Hadoop there has been an incredible amount of innovation around enterprise “Big Data” technologies, including in the analytical tool space. This is great for analysts! But it poses some challenges. How do you know which technologies deserve your time and energy? Which firms have something so important that you should push hard to get them into your enterprise? Those are questions we would like to help you address. We have produced The Analyst One Top Technologies List to help you address those questions. This is a short list of firms that can hel... (more)

Mac & the Lion Have Been Sleeping with iPad & the iPhone

Apple's App Store has done so well - seven billion downloads - and the Mac is now doing so well - the Mac would be #110 of a Fortune 500 list if it was spun out - that Apple figured why not give Mac its very own App Store? So a Mac App Store should be up and running by mid-January. Apple is going to want its usual 30% of the take. Payment will be through iTunes. Free apps are welcome. Developers can start submitting apps next month. Downloaded apps will auto-install and auto-update. Otherwise software for the Mac will be through the usual channels. The announcement came at Apple's "Back to the Mac" event Wednesday where it said that the next species of Mac OS X, code named Lion, won't be out until next summer. Meantime, there's been some cross-breeding going on the Apple labs to see mating iPad and iPhone with the Mac and it seems the pollination's been successful... (more)

i-Technology 2008 Predictions: Where's RIAs, AJAX, SOA and Virtualization Headed in 2008?

2007 was undoubtedly the year of Social Networking, but what of 2008? Will '08 be the year of "Unified Communications" or the year when CMS comes to stand for "Community Management System" - or even "Collaboration Management System"? Or will it be the year of a giga-merger, to beat the mere mega-mergers of 2007? As usual at the end of each year, SYS-CON has been informally polling its globe-girdling network of software developers, industry executives, commentators, investors, writers, and editors. As always, the range and depth of their answers is fascinating, throwing light not just on where the industry is going but also how it's going to get there, why, because of who, within what kind of time-scale. Enjoy! RIAs versus AJAX . Ruby on Rails . PHP . Facebook Competitors  TIM BRAY Director of Web Technologies, Sun Tim Bray managed the Oxford English Dictionary projec... (more)

PowerBuilder Mobile

Are you a PowerBuilder developer and is your organization considering developing Mobile applications? Then your help is needed! Who is going mobile? Discover what PowerBuilder Projects are working on. Did you know that 70 million tablets were sold this year? By 2015, it is predicted tablet sales will surpass PC sales! A lot of PowerBuilder projects are preparing for this evolution ... Are you? Fill this survey, and you will discover: How many PowerBuilder projects are planning to go mobile Which devices and OS they intend to support How many user would typically access these applications How they will distribute their mobile applications Etc… The final results will be sent to all participants! Many thanks in advance ... Chris ... (more)

Responsive Web Design Made Possible by HTML5 and CSS3

I am in Scotland this week conducting workshops on mobile strategies.  I met with a large company with multiple enterprise mobility projects to connect back office ERPs and HR apps to mobile applications.  They have already determined they will be using HTML5 as their preferred mobile app development environment.  They already have experienced web developers so extending the skills of these developers into mobility makes perfect sense to them. The meteoric rise of the number of apps for iOS and Android devices may present too much clutter for our networks and attention spans. “There is no need for an “app” that is simply a shell to deliver Web content. In fact, many of these narrow-purpose apps can and should be Web-based applications (particularly built on HTML5) delivered through the browser.”  Read original content Appcelerator has released the new version of its ... (more)

PowerPoint Tips: What to Learn from Steve Jobs Presentations

Have you ever felt frustrated when you’re asked to give a PowerPoint presentation in front of your classmates or collogue? Do you want to become a great presenter like Steve Jobs? A lot of people have asked question about how to make a great PowerPoint presentation on the web like Yahoo Answers. One common is [...] ... (more)

Quels fournisseurs pour les postes de travail de demain ? Des guerres sans merci en perspective ! Troisième partie

 Rappel : Première partie : situation actuelle, en 2012, du marché informatique pour les postes de travail Deuxième partie : les guerres sur les marchés des processeurs et des familles d’outils d’accès. J’utilise un modèle d’analyse à 5 niveaux. Dans cette troisième partie, j’analyse deux des plus fortes « guerres » à venir, sur le marché des Systèmes d’Exploitation et sur celui des navigateurs.   La guerre des Systèmes d’Exploitation (OS) J’avais terminé la deuxième partie sur un message clair : La variété des objets d’accès au Système d’Information, déjà très grande, ne peut que croître. Ordinateurs portables, smartphones, tablettes... tous ont besoin d’un OS pour fonctionner. Je vais concentrer mon analyse sur les acteurs et solutions que je considère comme les plus importantes pour les 3 à 5 prochaines années. Que ceux que je vais laisser de coté, comme Linux... (more)

Mobility News Weekly – Week of February 2, 2014

The Mobility News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news and articles related to enterprise mobility that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting information that reflects market data and trends. Also read Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly Also read Field Mobility News Weekly Also read M2M News Weekly Also read Mobile Commerce News Weekly Also read Mobile Cyber Security News Weekly Also read Mobile Health News Weekly Looking for an enterprise mobility solution?  Read the Mobile Solution Directory Here! Presenting its outlook for the African telecommunications market in 2014, IDC predicted a wave of growth in digital and media content over the coming 12 months as smartphone ownership explodes and African telecom users become more sophisticated in their use of mobile applications.  Read Original Content British chip designer ARM Ho... (more)

Android Use in Enterprise Mobility

I have been watching Google's Android closely for developments related to enterprise use for some time.  Google's Android now dominates smartphone sales to consumers, but rampant security flaws have prevented enterprises from adopting it.  In this article, my friend and mobility expert Dave Akka (Twitter @davidakka) shares his thoughts and insights on the latest developments in Android. Despite its popularity in the consumer world, Android hasn’t been adopted as enthusiastically by enterprises as iOS, and while there are several reasons for this the biggest is security.  Interestingly, Android head, Sundar Pichai, announced at Google I/O that the next version of Android would include Samsung’s Knox security container for all devices, not just those made by Samsung.  This means Google has convinced Samsung to give up one of its key differentiators, but more on that l... (more)

Five Gadgets That I Can’t Wait to See in 2010

Government IT on Ulitzer 2010 will bring a load of new gadgets, technology, and advancements for consumers and enterprises alike. Microsoft is releasing Office 2010, Apple is releasing their new Tablet (iTablet), NVIDIA is releasing their “GeForce 3XX” series of graphics cards, SSD’s will be (hopefully) affordable, and Sprint should have a 4G/3G phone. Microsoft's Latest Office has quite the uphill battle. Office 2010 – with the beta already released and being used/tested as we speak, Microsoft is hoping to follow up on the success of Windows 7 with a powerful new Office Suite. This Office will be about collaboration, working online, and easily sharing files with other users. Microsoft, after crushing Corel’s WordPerfect, is now worried about Google Apps and Sun’s  After extensively using both these alternatives, I really can’t imagine ever paying f... (more)

iPad on Ulitzer - How To Jump On the iPad Buzz

iPad on Ulitzer There were two kinds of technology companies issuing press releases today. Goofball ones that were somehow oblivious to Apple's planned announcement, and thought it was just another day and their stuff would get the usual attention. And those who watched the announcement of the iPad and realized there was excitement to leverage, and put together their own announcement. Now just about anyone in digital signage making an announcement that somehow tied in to the iPad would be regarded with giggles, but Nanonation is one of only a few companies in the space that actually have some genuine Apple ties, history and chops, so to speak. In the hours after the celebrated tablet was announced, Nanonation issued a release saying its propellerheads were all over this thing. Software developer Nanonation announced plans to support and develop new customer-facing applica... (more)